Extra Acts of Kindness

      Today there was a gentleman on the side of the road asking for help and it was about 100 degrees. I was stopped at the light , so I rolled down my window and gave him a bottle of water. He drank it all without taking a breath, the light hadn't changed yet so I motioned to him and threw him another bottle and drove off.  I have never seen that gentleman again but I remember him every time I drive by that spot and  at other times. I remember his face very vividly and the simple appreciation he had when he flashed his smile to me as a thank you.

    That was a great moment in time for me, one man looking out for another  with the only connection is that we were both human, what life is really about. Spontaneous acts without motive other than Love for my fellow human, a child of God, there were days in my life as I look back where I wonder if I would have ever followed thru with that act. I'm glad I'm not that man anymore.

-  L.C. VisionoJ

More Miracles

     I suffered for quite a few years from old football injuries with a bad knee always hurting. I had tweaked it one day pushing pallets around that weighed about 17oo lbs.  At the dinner table it hurt so bad it was almost bringing me to tears but I just bore the pain and tried my best to deal with it. It was bed time for the boys so we went upstairs and as usual they were wound up and my oldest son ran into me not knowing about the extent of my injury an almost knocked me down. I explained to him the situation and why I wasn't going to mess around that night. We knelt down to pray and said our main prayer and when it was his time for extras, that we all do each night, he asked for my knee to be healed in the most genuine and sincere way that I had ever heard a person ask God. So we all went to bed, and in the morning when I woke up cringing to think how bad my knee was going to hurt that day I stood up to no pain.

     I have no pain to this very day, it feels like it is completely healthy I am gaining more flexibility with it each and every day, I can walk longer distances with no pain, almost as if I had never had injuries and arthritis. The pain would wake me up at night and the night of the prayer it did not wake me up for the first time in as long as I can remember, For me I truly believe that this is a miracle.

This happened over six months ago and still hold true today. 
~ D.A, Age 49, Nebraska