Everlasting Life

The board game of Biblical proportions

Players must answer questions generated from the Bible and execute tasks based off of the Golden Rule to move up the path to Everlasting Life.

Everlasting Life is a board game for 3 to 6 players, anchored  in the teachings of the Bible, both New and Old Testament, with an emphasis on Jesus teaching of the Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated. Answer different types of questions in the form of  true false, yes or no, multiple choice as well as the spelling of bible names and terms.  By performing the tasks on the playing cards take a journey on your path to get to Everlasting Life and help others along their way. It is a fun, competitive, and never repeating  interactive board game. Everyone's path is different to get to God, just as every human on earth is uniquely different, so will your journey on the stone path to get to Everlasting life. The place we  are all striving to get to, in the board game of biblical proportions.


Question your own integrity, is your character and moral values where you think they should be, play Everlasting Life and have them tested by the decisions you must make in the game. Do you help someone or further yourself in the game? Each action card poses an decision for you to make, how will you respond, do you really know yourself?

The playing cards  are what makes the game interactive on a level of kindness and humanity that is needed in today's world. Get to know your friends and family members on a level you might have never explored with them. The actions in the cards are designed around the golden rule and that every action and decision you make has a consequence sometimes good sometimes not,  just like life.

Split up into 5 categories, a person must perform the actions that are on the back of the card, once they answer a question correctly. Each player must collect a card from each category except the sin card , in order to enter into Everlasting Life.  This can sometimes prove to be challenging, keep a hold of grace , redemption and even Jesus while trying to keep a  saint at  your table , as your trying to get rid if sin, it's challenging but can be done by the time your ready to step over into everlasting Life. 

Life cards are  the symbolic currency of the game. Needed to move up the stepping stones. By collecting them through out the game you can use them for bartering or charity and trading when it is needed. They  are also used to turn in and move up the stepping stones as your journey to Everlasting Life continues. They are symbolic in nature. The importance of these four categories in Bible History alone  is evident by how often they are mentioned. By having multiple symbolic meanings ; water , wine , fish and bread are  all involved in important stories  throughout the bible, so this is why they were chosen, we were trying to represents items that everyone can relate to from sustenance, life giving and entertainment, all elements of life itself, that God has provided for us..

Miracle cards are bonus cards that are in the deck of life cards . They enable a player to make a choice that can alter a game for a player or life for that matter.  Miracles happen everyday we just have to look for them.

Everlasting Life the game the world needs right now. Play Everlasting Life and reconnect with your friends, neighbors and family on a personal level, on a human level.

Everlasting Life Core Box  which includes

1 - Colorfully designed game board

150 playing cards 30 from each category

100 - Life Cards which is used as the games currency

8 playing pieces

1 - 12 sided die

5 Miracle cards

500 cards containing 2500 questions and answers  generated from the Bible.  

1 -Mercy card

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