Acts of Random Kindness

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Share your A.R.K. story below and take a chance on having your story featured on this page. Please keep the description of the act of random kindness to about 2-3 paragraphs.  Was there any extra ordinary outcome to it or just a thank you, maybe a smile, either outcome is great. Let us know about it and if yours doesn't get published here, go to our contemplation corner and let others know what you did, maybe it will inspire others to do the same. Build your own A.R.K. Network, bridging to people and as they bridge to others, before you know it, your A.R.K. ripple becomes a wave, a tsunami then respecting others slowly becomes second nature to us all.

Leave us your first name or initials, age and state or country so we can see how big our A.R.K is getting. 

  Featured ARK 

      I was driving in downtown Kansas City and a tire on the drivers of my trailer side blew out.  I pulled over as far as I could and knew that that changing the tire was going to be very dangerous.  I stood next to the trailer tire that I had to fix and if I stretched out my arm I could literally touch the trucks going by at 50 m.p.h.

     I'll face oncoming traffic so I could see when I was gonna get taken out, I thought to myself.  I proceeded to take the lug nuts off the tire. I have truly never been so scared in my life.  Cars were going by as if I wasn't even there.

     Within 5 minutes a small truck pulled up slowly. The gentleman parked his truck about a quarter into the lane, put his flashers on, got out of the truck and  proceeded to help me change my tire.  I am ever grateful to that man.  I told him he was an angel, and he got a surprised look on his face and smiled with a big grin.  We exchanged a few words I offered him some compensation which he denied. I thanked him profusely and we parted ways as we laughed about hoping we don't get hit since we were done. I do believe his name was Daniel and he owns a furniture store in the K.C. area. What a lifesaver.  Thanks again, if you ever  happen to see this

     I have now changed my opinion, there are still good people out there, I was beginning to wonder at times thinking there really weren't. Thanks for that I appreciate it.


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