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About Us

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     We have created a place to give the public a chance to share their miracles and acts of random kindness that few others hear about. We look to try and impact the world thru Love and respect.   Even though we differ in opinion sometimes, we look to find at least one thing in common that brings us together in a respectful manner. The rest of the things can be worked out later. Before you know it you will see more in common with others than differences.

     Here, these divides that are so large, that we can't bridge the gap on, we put aside and concentrate on the common ground. We have all seen respectful and fascinating relationships flourish with people we would not normally have allowed before.  We have each had a miracle of our own that has helped us to reach out and accept each other.
     So open your heart, look for yours, and share it. 

The Golden Rule
     Here, we hope to inspire people to follow the Golden Rule put forth by Jesus; to treat others like you want to be treated, and to Love God with your whole heart, mind and soul. By doing these simple things, maybe we can counter act some of the bad and evil in this world without too much effort. Though sharing our acts of random kindness (A.R.K.) maybe we can have a positive effect on someone’s day. You can create a ripple effect of goodness with your own A.R.K. even if it is as simple as giving someone a smile. So join us and share your stories.   Inspire the same in others and create a wave of kindness to overcome the unkind in this world. 

This is who WE are, if it’s how YOU are, share it and pass it on. We want to hear all about it.

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